Vendor Management Course

The 4th annual IQ Digital and Customer Engagement Study points strongly to disruption from new technologies that will help redefine processing, effective data transfers and enhanced digital experiences for members and employers. To navigate and ensure value from this activity, greater activity in the vendor management arena is critical. You need the capability to select, manage and measure vendor/supplier performance.

The 1-day Vendor Management course in the superannuation industry is delivered by HIQLS and sponsored by AIST. Member attendees can earn CPD points for attending this course.

Course Outline:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Research and source for vendors
  • Quotes and pricing
  • Contract fundamentals
  • Evaluate vendor performance
  • Build vendor relationships (services Integration)

Pre and post learning sessions are included to provide participants an ongoing community of practitioners to learn from one another.

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Vendor Management
Vendor Management

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PMO in Superannuation CourseVendor Management Course


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Vendor Management

Effective vendor management is critical to ensure greater ongoing value for your organisation and its clients. This course provides attendees techniques to source, select, manage and evaluate vendor performance in the superannuation industry.

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