HIQ Learning Services

Intent-driven learning to help you navigate a complex world

HIQ Learning Services is an intent-driven learning organisation bringing contemporary courses and providing consultancy that aim to create a continuous learning culture in individuals and businesses.

Our learning services include:

Custom-built Courses

We can design and develop custom-built courses that meet business-as-usual and project delivery needs, by way of blended learning including the use of the latest online learning technologies and coaching services to help embed learning beyond the classroom.

Learning & Change Consultancy

We can help businesses to reimagine their learning & development function to transform learning into a capability that drives positive business outcomes and implement organisational-wide strategies.

Public Courses

We curate and source for courses that are relevant to help individuals and organisations to navigate a complex world and address real business problems in the face of rapid and perpetual change. Our courses come with a variety of learning approaches including online, classroom and coaching.


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To learn more about our current list of courses that will help you navigate a complex world, click on the links below to find out more:

Agile Change Course
Hacking for Agile Change

Discover a unique proposition on how to build an agile organisation. Join us as we demystify ‘agile’ and discover the latest thinking from the Future of Work, disruptive technology and agile practices, neuroscience, Human Centered Design and more.

Agile Change Course
Customer Experience Management Method (CEMMethod®)

Learn to utilise 50+ new tools and techniques within the CEMMethod® in an innovative experiential learning environment. Uncover dramatic customer experience improvements within hours.

Agile Change Course
Building & Running Effective PMOs in the Super Industry

Learn the key aspects to building and running an effective PMO that serves the organisation well. Become a trusted and strategic voice for critical projects, ensure their delivery and improve member and employer experience.

Agile Change Course
Vendor Management

Effective vendor management is critical to ensure greater ongoing value for your organisation and its clients. This course provides attendees techniques to source, select, manage and evaluate vendor performance in the superannuation industry.

“Ability to learn and innovate is the new currency of success.”
– DEAKINCo. White Paper ‘Enabling the future of work: Skills and Strategies for learning and development’.

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