IQ Group is a leading provider of technology services and solutions in the superannuation and broader financial services industries.

Many of IQ Group's Solutions are data centric. Our Superannuation Industry Data Model (SIDM) represents over a decade of migrations and data quality projects. This SIDM diagram demonstrates how individual iqSolutions products can be integrated across a broader iqSolutions model.

  • iqSmartCard

    iqSmartCard is a digital card designed to make it easy for members, pensioners and employers to connect and interact with their superannuation fund. iqSmartCard is a white-label solution that is managed and hosted securely in Australia by IQ Group. The solution is designed to assist funds ... read more

  • iqBoard

    iqBoard is a meeting management application specifically designed for tablet devices. iqBoard is a 'safer than paper' meeting solution suitable for boards, committees and collaborative groups. Integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, iqBoard is hosted by IQ Group's onshore cloud computing environment, iqCloud. read more

  • iqSuperStream

    iqSuperStream is an independent solution that integrates with record keeping systems to produce compliant rollover and contribution messages that meet the ebMS3.0/AS4 and XBRL requirements. read more

  • iqATO

    iqATO s a registered and certified SuperTIC (Superannuation TFN Integrity Check) application. Licensees can use iqATO to perform a TFN check for superannuation members by comparing information held on the ATO’s database to that held on a Super Fund’s database. iqATO is value-add component of... read more

  • iqCloud

    iqCloud is an onshore hosted infrastructure platform providing Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to clients in a secure compliant environment. iqCloud uses two data centres and backs up four times an hour to ensure consistency and security of data. read more

  • iqArchive

    iqArchive is a browser based archive solution for administration systems. It leverages iqMigrator for population of the Superannuation Industry Data Model (SIDM). Examples of potential uses beyond archival are operational data store and for admin system maintenance, archiving or purging large datasets. read more