The superannuation industry has surpassed $1.6 trillion in funds under management and despite this growth, the number of superannuation providers is declining due to increased competition brought about key drivers such as:

  • Choice of Fund legislation
  • Increased costs of compliance, and
  • Recommendations in the Cooper Review that envisage the emergence of 'mega-funds' which will drive the sector to further reduce costs via scale.

In this environment, Funds need to offer more attractive products and streamlined services to engage and retain membership. IQ Group distinguishes themselves as a leading business solutions partner for providing operational and technological efficiencies.

Our highly specialised team of professionals are renowned for their expertise in superannuation. We offer a range of consulting services and managed services including:

The best person at IQ Group to contact regarding superannuation is General Manager Consulting, Ron Mullins. Please continue reading below for further information.

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Ron Mullins
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